Original Factory Mercury Marine Triggers

Your outboard trigger tells the switchbox when to "fire".
The inner ring of your flywheel has magnets which pass close to the triggers coils.
Each time the magnet passes, the trigger sends a low voltage "signal" to the switchbox.

Look-up the correct Trigger for your Mercury Outboard by using the PARTS CATALOG link below.
It is best to enter your engine serial number for accurate results.
Copy down your trigger part number and email us with your request.
Please include your trigger part number and your engine serial number!


A faulty or failing trigger can cause one or more symptoms.
1. Engine fails to run and has no spark (possibly on only one cylinder).
2. Engine is hard to start especially after sitting from a run.
3. Engine is low on power or has a "miss".
4. Engine stalls frequently.

Triggers are very reliable
Triggers can fail for one or more of the following reasons.
1. Age! Old triggers fail from internal failures from temperature fluctuations and/or corrosion.
2. The wire insulation gets old and crumbles off.

Replacing Your Trigger

First... properly diagnose your ignition before assuming your trigger is faulty.
The trigger is located under the engine's flywheel.
Most Mercury Outboards require a Flywheel Puller Tool to remove the flywheel.
Read your Outboard Service Manual BEFORE attempting to replace your trigger.

We do NOT recommend installing aftermarket parts.