Original Factory Mercury Marine Switchboxes

Order the correct Switchbox for your motor.
Use one of the links below to access the Parts Guide (pdf) or Parts Catalog.
Switchboxes are located in the Parts Guide on pages 7 through 10.
Use the Look-Up Charts on pages 11 through 23 to
use your Engine Serial Number to confirm the correct switchbox.

PARTS GUIDE(12 meg pdf)   or use   PARTS CATALOG

After you have looked up the correct switchbox from using one of the links above,
Order from the list below or email us with your request or questions.
Please note: Prices listed were accurate as of Jan 2013 but are subject to change.
Not all prices shown in the PARTS GUIDE will be the same as the factory tends to update prices during the year.

803558T02 CD Unit $ 142.00

835401T1 CDI Unit $ 148.00

835401T02 CD Unit $ 153.00

835401T06 CD Unit $ 225.00

804269T2 CDI Unit $ 543.00

823034T CD Unit $ 107.00

16061T04 CD UNit $ 303.00

339-6222A8 Switch Box $ 249.00

16061T04 CD Unit $ 303.00

339-7452A19 Switchbox Assy $ 195.00

855713A4 Switchbox Assy $ 229.00

899883229 Switchbox Assy $ 315.00

855713A3 Switchbox Assy $ 225.00

803704T CD Unit $ 49.00

18495A30 Ignition Module $ 354.00

332-4911A2 Switch Box Assy $ 296.00

332-5772A7 Switchbox $ 299.00

339-7452A21 Switchbox $ 259.00

332-4911A8 Switch Box Assy $ 339.00

19052A8 Switchbox $ 317.00

333-3213A3 Switch Box Assy $ 309.00

332-2986A27 Switch Box Assy $ 592.00

332-7778A12 Switchbox Assy $ 233.00

18495A26 Switchbox Assy $ 322.00

332-2986A21 Switch Box Assy $ 634.00

Your outboard switchbox sends voltage to your ignition coils or CDM's to provide a good spark
to the spark plugs at just the right time.
The switchbox(s)are energized by the stator under the flywheel.

A faulty or failing switchbox can cause one or more symptoms.
1. Engine fails to run and has no spark.
2. Engine is hard to start especially after sitting from a run.
3. Engine is low on power or has a "miss".
4. Engine stalls frequently.

Switchboxes fail!
Switchboxes can fail for one or more of the following reasons.
1. Age! Old switchboxes fail from internal failures from temperature fluctuations and/or corrosion.
2. Overheating. An engine that is running too hot will "overheat" the switchbox.
3. A faulty stator. A bad stator can cause a switchbox to fail prematurely.

Replacing Your Switchbox

First... properly diagnose your ignition before assuming your switchbox is faulty.
The switchbox is usually located on the side or your motor.
The style and number of switchboxes you have depends on your model of engine.
EFI, Optimax and Verado outboards do not have switchboxes.
Read your Outboard Service Manual BEFORE attempting to replace your switchbox.
Your switchbox will have the connections color coded or labeled.

We do NOT recommend installing aftermarket parts.