Original Factory Mercury Marine Ignition Coils and CDM's

Your outboard's ignition coils or CDMs (Capacitor Discharge Modules) provide a high voltage pulse to your Spark Plugs.
Ignition Coils get their voltage from the Switchbox.
CDM's are essentially ignition coils with built-in switchboxes.

Order the correct Coils or CDMs for your motor.
Use the link below to access the Parts Catalog.
Use your Engine Serial Number to confirm the correct coil or CDM.


After you have looked up the correct coil from using the link above,
Order from the list below or email us with your request or questions.
Please note: Prices listed were accurate as of Jan 2013 but are subject to change.
Not all prices shown in the PARTS CATALOG will be the same as the factory tends to update prices during the year.

398-173 Coil $126.00

398-2568T1 Coil $ 129.99

336-4409A4 Ignition Coil $ 115.00

336-4528T2 Ignition Coil $ 130.00

332-4895A5 Coil Kit $ 249.00

332-4895T2 Coil Assy $ 142.00

339-5288T2 Coil $ 99.00

339-803559A02 Ignition Coil $ 93.00

339-803559T1 Ignition Coil $ 144.00

339-803559T07 Igniter $ 121.00

803559T08 Igniter w/Cap $ 179.00

339-804271T Ignition Coil $ 106.00

815113T02 Ignition Coil $ 93.00

823033 Ignition Coil $ 91.00

339-825101T Ignition Coil $ 79.00

339-830404T3 Ignition Coil $ 88.00

339-832757A4 Coil Kit $ 60.00

300-850899T1 Module Kit discontinued

855685T Ignition Coil $ 120.00

339-856991A1 Ignition Coil $ 114.00

339-858942T1 Ignition Coil $ 90.00

339-859738T1 Ignition Coil $ 122.00

339-877807A2 Ignition Coil $ 130.00

339-879147T71 Ignition Coil $ 92.00

339-879984T01 supercedes to 300-8M0077471 Ignition Coil $ 141.00

339-880615T01 Pencil Coil $ 90.00

339-880892001 Ignition Coil $ 116.00

339-880892T Ignition Coil $ 167.00

339-880893T10 Ignition Coil $ 173.00

339-883778A02 supercedes to 339-8M0077473 Ignition Coil $ 124.00

339-888309 Ignition Coil $ 144.00

339-898103T Ignition Coil $ 134.00

898103T58 Igniter $ 138.00

898253T24 Coil $ 59.00

300-8M0044991 Coil $ 63.00

300-8M0045124 Ignition Coil $ 70.00

A faulty or failing coil or CDM can cause one or more symptoms.
1. Engine has no or weak spark on one or more cylinders.
2. Engine is hard to start.
3. Engine is low on power or has a "miss".
4. Engine stalls frequently.

Coils and CDMs fail!
Stators can fail for one or more of the following reasons.
1. Age! Old coils fail from internal failures from temperature fluctuations and/or corrosion.
2. Overheating. An engine that is running too hot will "overheat" the coil.
3. Bad spark plugs and/or plug wires.
4. Bad, loose or corroded ground connection(s) to the coil

Replacing Your Coils

First... properly diagnose your ignition before assuming your coil is faulty.
The coils have a very high voltage output so use extreme caution not to touch the plug wire while the engine is running.
Invest in a good Spark Tester to check your coil output.
A good CDM might not spark if another one of the CDMs is faulty. The faulty CDM might spark fine!
Read your Outboard Service Manual BEFORE attempting to replace your coils or CDMs.

We do NOT recommend installing aftermarket parts.